The idea: Taboos. This project started from the theoretical statement of: a taboo is only a taboo because the normal is the normal. We think something is bad, because there's an opposite that's good. So if we decide being nude in public is the new normal, being dressed will become the taboo. With the taboo game we'd like to start the discussion about certain taboos. Are they really that bad, or are we just told they are bad? 
The result: A game of building blocks. On each block a 'taboo'-subject. In the game, players will have to fight for certain blocks, to build there society of. Do you need nudity or farts in your society? Why? The one with best arguments will get the block. And if you have nudity as a pillar of your society, is pubic hair that big of a problem? The game will make you think in relativity. 

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