The idea: Sometimes annoying people will bother you. In the night, in the daytime, when you are alone or even in public venues. When these people are really annoying, and you don't want them in your neighborhood anymore, it's sometimes hard to get rid of them. Especially when you are not physically the strongest person in the world, while you oppressor might be. You ain't gonna win it in a fist fight, your enemy will probably run faster than you do and even though you might be able to verbally destroy him or her, that isn't gonna keep you safe. So to get rid of unwanted annoying people, we need an alternative way to scare them away. So why not use their strength against them? To scare off scary people, BE EVEN SCARIER. Break the stereotype of an innocent girl/boy alone in the streets at night and let your inner crazy person break free. Let your enemy know that they are the one in trouble, not you. Turn the whole situation around, so the oppressor will be hella scared.
The result:  This solution I tried to capture in a few series of illustrations, as sort of a guidance book for people approached by scary people. I think my stick-persons are very useful for this kind of instructive-illustration, since I can bend them in all sorts of body-language that will show the emotions and feelings that I try to portray. Also, I like that the stick-persons are completely genderless, since anyone, of any gender, any age, can be attacked an any person can offense people in the night. 
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