The idea: The portrayal of people on social media is a fascinating theme to me. Especially the portrayal of the self on Instagram. There's something fascinating about 'Instafamous' people, portraying their lives as great pools of joy and happiness, all day, all night, all life, always. The most wonderful section of this positive-only self portrayal is the one in which the subject is positioning itself in a certain habitat, with certain attributes, in a certain position and with a certain look, trying to create a picture that looks completely spontaneous. These photo's, that are staged to the very detail, but have the one purpose of looking spontaneous, random and by accident, are a contradiction that I can keep. thinking about. Why is there the need to achieve this effortless beauty? And why is staging this spontaneity, which undermines the spontaneity instantly, accepted and seen as 'beauty'?. 
The result: By making selfies with a home made pinhole camera (an old cake tin) I created photo's made with a shutter time of at least 2 minutes. I tried to take all the spontaneity of these pictures this way. The irony between the snapshot and the very, very long posing I tried to use as a critique on staged beauty. 
In "In the eye of the beholder" this series was published in a small publication on beauty, together with Bobbie Wagenaar.
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