The idea: Revised vision on privacy. Privacy is said to be very important, and must be kept safe by all means. I felt this too, but did not really know WHY I needed to keep my privacy so private. Therefore I decided to dive into privacy.  Privacy makes a division between that part of our identity that is meant to be widely shared with the world, and that what isn't. Certain information we do not want to be shared with the world. This is not because the outside world isn't allowed to know this, but because of what actions might be undertaken by the outside world against our identity because of this information. The key-point is in the action. It isn't bad if your personal information is shared with the world, but no action (physically or mentally) is undertaken in consequence with this information. Once you will be held account for the part of your identity that has been publicly shared with the world, privacy can be a life saver. For a broader investigation on privacy; I wrote an essay (unfortunately, in Dutch).
The result: With this in my mind I started screenshotting my Whatsapp-conversations each day. I wanted to see if the information I share on WhatsApp is part of my identity, and if so, if I would be bothered if this information would be shared. Would it expose a part of me that I do not want to be publicly know? Could this information bring me harm? I discovered that my Whatsapp-conversations are the most boring thing I've ever read, and that no harm would be done at all if shared. Therefore I created a concept to celebrate this unnecessity of privacy; an App that will print a postcard of your last WhatsApp conversation. This way I wanted to make people rethink about the importance of privacy. 
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