The idea: A previous project that existed out of turning a dried dead fish into a earthenware-jewel had awakened my interest in a strange contrast between the perishable version of (dead) sea creatures and the solid, preservable versions in earthenware. What is this ceramic-copy of a fish? Is it still a fish, even when copied 20 times? Does it's value increase because it is now preservable? Is time and effort involved in this? 
The result: To investigate this phenomenon I made molds of more sea creatures. I found crabs, oursins, shells, turned them into small molds and made clay-copies. I then glazed them, still experimenting in what glaze to use, how much to glaze, what roughness can remain. This project is still in progress, since I have not designated yet what is important in turn from perishable to valuable. For now, it is at the point where it exists of ceramic experiments. 
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