The idea: Bospolder-Tussendijken is a neighborhood in Rotterdam. Since the late summer of 2019 editor-team BoTu reports of the happenings and events in this particular neighborhood. In order to do this properly, we wanted to get to the basis of BoTu. Where the team started to go towards a more conceptual view, my brain also started to think about the physical basis. What is BoTu build on, literally? What are the materials it consists, what is that stuff that we live our lives in, have our homes in, travel through and pass by? 
The result: So I started to photograph the materials BoTu is existing from. I looked for patterns, in stone, wood, nature. This way a sort of stuff-mapping came to life; registering the materials and the structures of the neighborhood. By excluding the environment, it got a feeling of a color swatch, only then of building structures. 
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