The idea:  I truly believe people should leave the train before other people enter the train. I think this is very important, because it reflects a social habit of not regarding each other. When I want to step out of the train door and somebody else is already entering, I've got the feeling my existence is being denied. I am there, physically, in the door opening, facing the exit, where I wish to leave through. However, even though I fill space in the universe, the people outside the train, that wish to enter, want to go right through me, into the train. Am I invisible? Why do these people want to proceed on a path that goes through me, through an existing human? Why do they show behavior that is only possible when my existence is denied? Accept me as a being. Accept that I am in the door opening. Accept my wish to leave. 
By denying the existence of others a certain level of egocentrism is created and possible to maintain. Going into the train whilst other people wish to leave is portraying a selfish way of living. Something un-empathical, something unsocial. 
The result: I wanted to step up to this social habit. To protest. To not accept it no longer. So I created protest stickers, of my guys protesting. A small statement, not angry, not mad, but a protest. Showing opinion, but not screaming it. Having  a statement, but bringing it nicely. These stickers are to be found in and around trains, to make remember or realize.
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