The idea: Why do you tell about the great holidays on Facebook, but not about the ones on which it only rained? Life's great on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. Holidays are always sunny, friends are always lovely and heartbreak does not exist. But do we not encounter fear, failure and sadness in life? Aren't our flaws a part of us too? Isn't it ever raining? Life is good, bad, ugly. So why don't show it all. Show the whole 100%, instead of a carefully selected happy 50%. "Life's not perfect" is made to encourage discussion about social media use. To start a conversation about ugly photo's, bad events, rainy holidays. "Life's not perfect" is about the presentation of the self on online social media, focussing on the (un)conscious omitting parts of the self/the life. We want to open the discussion and start a conscious use of social media. Post whatever you want, but be aware of why you post or don’t post something. And maybe that will make you realize it isn’t that bad to share that terrible, rainy holiday.
The result: A game. With cards for every online social medium, in points 1 to 5. On each card a question, inviting you to make a social media post that might not fit to the always-happy-social-media environment. The lower points are for the easier assignments, the five pointers are the really hard ones. When the assignment is performed, the points will be given. Cards can be discussed, traded, shared. Challenge yourself.
Made in collaboration with Angela Grigolato
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