While living, people will ask for your opinion. Your opinion on a lot of stuff, and they expect a very strong, thought through opinion. I vow for NOT having an opinion. Just do NOT know it for a while. Dare to say "I don't know" to the question "What do you think of this particular subject?". It will give you more space to open up to other opinions, to other ideas, to reshape your thoughts. Float for a while, be uncertain, don't have the answer ready. Seed of doubt. 
In Seed of doubt/Zaai eens twijfel, I created a product around this concept of not having a strong opinion. In the packages of seeds you'll find a variety of seeds, unidentified. When you'll plant the seeds, you will not know what you're breeding. You might find out someday, but there is a huge uncertainty. You will just have to see. 
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