The idea: Taboos. This project started from the theoretical statement of: a taboo is only a taboo because the normal is the normal. Inspired by the theory of Michel Foucault we thought about normal and abnormal. We approve certain behavior, because once humanity decided that it was the right thing to do. Therefore, because one certain behavior is good, the opposite of this behavior will be bad. Only that way, good can be good, because what would be good if there's no bad to put it in juxtaposition with? This made us thing about taboo subjects. We try to avoid certain subjects in our daily lives or conversations because society has labelled them as not-appropriate. You will not fart in public, you will not talk about poop in public, you will not show your breast during an important meeting. But what if, somewhere in history, a different choice would have been made? What if walking down the street bare breasted would have been put on the appropriate-chair, and wearing a shirt would be absolutely crazy? Would that change society? Would that change the sexual perception of breasts? We need to take in account that our normal is only normal because it was once decided too, and we as society support that. Normal is a transformable and changing concept, and we need to be aware of that. 
The result: So we build a game of building blocks. On each block a 'taboo'-subject. In the game, players will have to fight for certain blocks, to build there society of. Do you need nudity or farts in your society? Why? The one with best arguments will get the block. And if you have nudity as a pillar of your society, is pubic hair that big of a problem? The game will make you think in relativity. This way we try to make the players aware of the shapeability of the values and norms in a society, and the way these strengthen or weaken each other. 
This game was made in collaboration with Stefanel Oey

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