I like to think critically
I like to make visuals that will make people think critically 
Whilst living I come across all sorts of fascinating issues. I like to explore those issues to the very scary depths of them. When I completely absorbed the theme I try to create something that will start thought, discussion or conversation about this very issue, and that something can be in all sorts of forms. Games, ceramics, paintings, illustrations, whatever medium fits best will do. That's why my portfolio and resume are filled with projects in various areas, in various autonomy and various media. 
I'm a multidisciplinary artist, I'm a critical thinker and I'm a broadly skilled crafts(wo)man. 
If this is way to abstract and you are in need of a more specified description, see my resume below 
Resume (what did I do in life till now and why that's relevant)​​​​​​​
2014: got a VWO-diploma at Andreas College Pieter Groen
> Relevant because it shows I've got basic brains that function
2014: Obtained a Associatiediploma Elementary Bookkeeping
> Relevant because it shows my completely incomprehensible interest in very random matter
2014-2019:  taught Gymnastics at SKR Katwijk 
> Relevant because I discovered here that it is amazing to teach and to let kids discover all they are capable of. Also learned to manage 30 chaotic kids in one sports hall
2015: Obtained a propedeuse Communication at the Haagse Hogeschool and then quit this education because I absolutely hated it
> Relevant because it shows my critical attitude towards the quality of what I'm doing: if I do something I want to be able to stand behind what I'm doing; to do it with full enthusiasm and energy
2015-2018: worked at eetcafe the bonte kraai in Katwijk aan zee
>  Relevant because I discovered passion for making good food, having good conversations, mixing being socially authentic and being polite, working hard and fixing shit that goes wrong
2016-still going: Studying Illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academie
> Relevant because this is the place where I learned to combine heavy theory with visual arts and enlarged my skills in both research and craftsmanship
2019: did an Internship at Cor Unum Ceramics at Den Bosch
> Relevant because it fed my passion and interest in ceramics and enlarged my skills in the ceramic processes, as well as showed me that in an atelier, in an overall, hands covered in clay, I'm the happiest 
2019: Internship at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
> Relevant because I obtained huge organizational and communicational skills there as well as a deepened interest in (art)theory. Also learned that I can not survive working in an office 9 to 5
2019-2020: followed the Minor Theoretische Filosofie at the Universiteit van Amsterdam
> Relevant because it gave me academic writing and investigating skills and encouraged my life-long passion of getting into existential crisis. Also nicely illustrates the theoretical and philosophical background of most of my visual artwork
2019-now: member of redactieteam bospolder-tussendijken
> Relevant because being part of this multidisciplinary writers-illustrators-photographers team, covering the news in BoTu enhanced my writing, interviewing and illustrating, as wel as my organizational and communicational skills
2019-now: worked at hopper coffee in rotterdam
> Relevant because it shows I am socially capable of serving annoying people coffee as well as making good sandwiches and soups even when the place is crowded 
2018-now:  taught Gymnastics at GVOmmoord
> Relevant because of exact the same reasons I mentioned at SKR Katwijk
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