Multidisciplinaire artist that's likes to tell theoretically substantiated stories with a broad variety of techniques and materials that add up to a synergestic whole. 
Basically I just really love to get my hands dirty and make that fit in in some strange philosophical story I'd like to communicate.  I strongly believe material is a big part of storytelling. Having a broad library of materials and techniques gives me the opportunity to choose the rightly fitting material/technique for a story. Also important to me is that the story I'm telling is one I can theoretically substantiate. I want to be able to define, explain and defend my story, which I usually do in the fields of philosophy and psychology. 
So I'm a storyteller. If you've got a nice, difficult, strange, abstract, weird, beautiful or terrible story that needs to be told, hit me up, so we can investigate how this story can best be communicated!
ps. resume can be found below V
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