My name is Sanne van der Meij, and I like to create like really good substantiated ideas and turn them into interesting high quality craftsmanship. 
That whole process starts with a fascination for something. Usually, that's a social phenomenon. When fascinated, I start investigating. Reading pages and pages of (mostly philosophical) articles and books, getting into big existential crisis, questioning reality overall. From this collecting of highly interesting articles I then get a real strong theoretical framework. A solid idea, a substantiated concept. 
With that solid, substantiated concept I then start my quest for finding the right material and techniques to make it into an artwork. That quest is important to me, because I strongly believe that material and technique can add a lot of meaning to the concept of the artwork when chosen proper. In a fancy word that's called 'synergy' (see for more info!!). Because I think this is really important I have a very broad library of techniques in all kinds of disciplines, which I also try to enlarge everyday of my life.
I like to think. I love to create. 
V down there you'll find my resume​​​​​​​
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