Be crazier
Alternative ways to get rid of annoying people that are physically stronger
De Hut
The exaggerated adventures of a high school class during their history classes
I've put down my thoughts on and around doubt and certainty, and drew images to go with them
Searching for the future of Bospolder-Tussendijken
BoTu in Dubio
Duivelse dilemma's uit de wijken Bospolder en Tussendijken
Dirty Dishes
Ceramics and luster series of nice and shiny shitty tableware
New home
Construction work for a real estate company
Sea to stone
Turning perishable sea creatures into stone while addressing something about value
Trying to capture the sea in earthenware
This shit is golden
75 golden poops to decorate a sophisticated bathroom
Het Broeikaseffect
Three seasons of artistic creation in a glasshouse in Noordwijkerhout
In the eye of the beholder
Critical view with pinhole camera on modern beauty standards
A friendly protest against egocentrism
Putting old treasures into a new frame, to use the beauty already existing
Seed of doubt
An encouragement for more doubt in your life
Ik moet helemaal niets
Ik moet helemaal niets
BoTu Basics
Mapping materials and structures in Rotterdam
questioning (the importance of) privacy
Life's not perfect
Facebook deserves to know the whole you, not only the pretty side
The taboo game
A taboo is only taboo because the accepted is accepted
On museums
investigating the power of museumdisplay
Is this privacy violation?
Rethinking of the importance of privacy
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