Dirty Dishes
Ceramics and luster series of nice and shiny shitty tableware
Life's not perfect
Facebook deserves to know the whole you, not only the pretty side
Illustrations 1
These are the illustrations that are made in 5 min in photoshop for the urge of expressing
Illustrations 2
Ink illustrations, illustrating something somewhere in-between literally and symbolically
Picking up the leaves fallen of the threes and turned them into stone
Small or big books containing relevant or irrelevant information and artwork
In the eye of the beholder
Critical view with pinhole camera on modern beauty standards
Bad Photoshop
Glue all stock photo's together to make shitty artwork in Photoshop (I love it)
SKR Katwijk
Illustrations and designs for a gymnastics club
The taboo game
A taboo is only taboo because the accepted is accepted
This shit is golden
75 golden poops to decorate a sophisticated bathroom
Making a painting is starting, throwing paint, turning it around, start over, paint it all white, going on. Painting a painting is searching for a painting.
Illustrations 3
Illustrations made of ink on transparent paper, with thick black lines of Indian ink and lyrics of old country folk singers
Light & color
Church-window inspired color compositions
Putting old treasures into a new frame, to use the beauty already existing
Seed of doubt
An encouragement for more doubt in your life
What's happening?
Illustrational review on what's happening in the newspapers
Is this privacy violation?
Rethinking of the importance of privacy
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